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David W. Streets — Art Advisor

David W. Streets is one of the most sought after fine art advisors in the United States.

He is available to work with you to acquire one piece or build an entire comprehensive collection. Streets' reputation and connections make him privy to artists, dealers and sources little known to the general public.

In the history of wealth, money have been transferred in cash/stock, property, fine jewels and art.

Art has long been known for the greatest returns on your initial investment.

In addition, Fine Art is a solid investment that you can enjoy daily in your home and easily pass on to the next generation with many tax and inheritance advantages.

Buying fine art should be an enjoyable, educational and financially sound process.

Streets will work with you to acquire only the finest works with long term investment and growth potential.

You should always buy what you love and want to live with. But the dollar you spend should be on works that will maintain value or have the potential to increase in worth.

The art market is a confusing and often mysterious world for the novice. Let a professional, like David W. Streets, advise you on making a perfect selection with your hard-earned money.

Streets is available to coordinate private art buying trips across the United States and Internationally.

He frequently coordinates buying trips in Los Angeles and to New Orleans, New York, Charleston, Savannah, Sante Fe, and Mexico City. Clients are given private viewing of galleries, special collections, museum offerings, artist studios and events that the general public would never have an opportunity to see.

Please contact David to assist you in arranging a special buying trip or to start/build your collection today.

Trust the advisor that corporations, museums, major collectors and notables rely on to find the perfect fine art selection.


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