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David W. Streets — in the press 2009-2011

David Streets is an active member of the Beverly Hills community, of the greater Los Angeles art community, and is well known and well respected across the country. These are a few of the recent mentions about David and his Beverly Hills art gallery.


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Arts: 'Royal' Painting Unveiled at Beverly Hills Gallery

“Ordinary People, William and Kate” is inspired by the newlywed couple's visit to Los Angeles this week, and its sale will benefit three charities.
Thursday, July 7, 5:30am
By Sharon Cotal

A one-of-a-kind painting depicting an angelic Princess Diana looking down on Prince William and his bride Kate was unveiled Wednesday at the David W. Streets Gallery in honor of the royal couple’s visit this week to Los Angeles, which includes a stop in Beverly Hills.

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‘It’s Worth What?’: NBC Sets Premiere Date
The game show hosted by Cedric the Entertainer will premiere in July.

3:07 PM 6/8/2011 by Lesley Goldberg

NBC has set a premiere date for its summer game show It’s Worth What?
Hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, the game show that explores the value to hidden gems from the attics of America will bow on Tuesday, July 12 at 8 p.m.
Contestants will be taken through a series of challenges that increase in difficulty as they work to discover the value of items in various rounds as they compete for a $1 million prize.

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[David Streets serves as an appraiser, consultant and coordinator of celebrity memorabilia and and rare items featured on the show.]


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David W. Streets is helping to discover the facts around 1950 photos of Marilyn Monroe. Here's an article and some video coverage.

Marilyn Monroe photos found at garage sale still a mystery

By Alan Duke, CNN May 28, 2011

Los Angeles (CNN) — Photographer Anton Fury's hobby of searching weekend garage sales for collectible toys led him to dozens of apparently unpublished photos of a young Marilyn Monroe. ... Fury flew to Los Angeles this week to show the images to David W. Streets, a Beverly Hills art dealer and appraiser experienced with Monroe photos.

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Alan Duke reveals the Marilyn Monroe mystery photos

Video, approx 4 minutes

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Calling All Jewish Heirlooms

By Ryan E. Smith, Contributing Writer, May 17, 2011

Appraiser David Streets has a passion for Jewish antiques — old Kiddush cups passed down for generations, Shabbat candlesticks with stories to share. It’s a history that he loves, even if it’s not his.

“I’m an Episcopalian,” he confessed, explaining, “Many of my clients were and are Jewish and have wonderful items that have been inherited, passed down, saved, of Judaica.”

Streets, 46, will bring his years of experience to American Jewish University in Bel Air on May 22 for a Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Admission is $10, but appraisals are free. TRIBE Media Corp., parent company of The Journal, is a co-sponsor of the event.

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Batman's Art Show

Movers + Shakers column by Yolanda Pulakis | December 21, 2010

Brentwood's Julie Newmar, also known as Cat Woman, was seen at the Opening of Adam West's Batman Art Show at David W. Streets' Beverly Hills Fine Art Gallery.

Four photos of Julie Newmar (Cat Woman), Adam West (Batman) and the Batmobile.


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Des négatifs d'Ansel Adams qui valent de...

A feature on "The Lost Negatives" photographs, featured on French National TV. If you speak French you may enjoy this background story on the glass negatives.


The National masthead

Adam West shifts from playing Batman to painting him

Emily Shardlow
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2010

It is verging on half a century since Adam West first donned that iconic suit and garnered international fame for his role as Batman in the eponymous 1960s television series and film. Yet, in the ensuing years, it seems the caped crusader has never been far from his mind.

The actor has for many years now, been privately working on a collection of paintings and drawings with Bruce Wayne and his alter ego as the muse. This much-anticipated work is now on public display at an art gallery in Beverly Hills. He has long been credited with bringing the comic book character to life, but now West, who is pretty spritely for his 82 years, is being heralded as a "cultural pop art expressionist" by the gallery owner David W Streets.

[Read the rest of the story.


CNN Entertainment

Holy art show, Batman! Adam West paints his vision

By Alan Duke,
CNN December 10, 2010 3:24 p.m.

Adam West and his art at David W Streets Beverly Hills gallery

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Adam West became a pop icon with his original portrayal of Batman 45 years ago, but the actor is now offering a different portrait of the caped crusader.

West will drive the original Batmobile to a Beverly Hills, California, art gallery for the opening of the first exhibit of his paintings and drawings depicting his vision of Batman and his crime-fighting world Friday evening.

"The pictures are pretty raw and untamed, just like me," West said as he prepared for the exhibit, which will run for a month at the David W. Streets Beverly Hills Art Gallery.

West is a "cultural pop art expressionist," said gallery owner Streets.

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Experts: Ansel Adams photos found at garage sale worth $200 million

By Alan Duke, CNN
July 27, 2010 1:14 a.m. EDT

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Rick Norsigian's hobby of picking through piles of unwanted items at garage sales in search of antiques has paid off for the Fresno, California, painter.

Two small boxes he bought 10 years ago for $45 -- negotiated down from $70 -- is now estimated to be worth at least $200 million dollars, according to a Beverly Hills art appraiser.

Those boxes contained 65 glass negatives created by famed nature photographer Ansel Adams in the early period of his career. Experts believed the negatives were destroyed in a 1937 darkroom fire that destroyed 5,000 plates.

"It truly is a missing link of Ansel Adams and history and his career," said David W. Streets, the appraiser and art dealer who is hosting an unveiling of the photographs at his Beverly Hills, California, gallery Tuesday.

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Harry Winston Introduces New Company President in Beverly Hills

By Susan Michals on March 12th, 2010

David W. Streets among VIP guests to welcome the new President of the House of Harry Winston, Frederic de Narp at the exclusive Rodeo Drive Jewelry Salon.

Full Story at Haute Living



Michael Jackson's kids and family sign commemorative belt
David gets to wear it

David Streets and Michael Jackson belt

(For the other two pics, visit the site.)


Los Angeles/Beverly Hills appraiser David W. Streets featured as guest appraiser for the Washington State Jewish Historical Society's Antique Roadshow in Seattle on June 13, 2010

The Antique Road Show, Jewish-style

by Janis Siegel • JTNews Correspondent • June 8, 2010

Dust off those Shabbat candles your bubbe from Austria gave you, pack up that painting you inherited from your Sephardic zaide, corral the family, and get down to Washington State Jewish Historical Society's Hidden Gems annual fundraiser on June 13 at Congregation Ezra Bessaroth to see if your sentimental "stuff" is really a "find."...

WSJHS chose some of the most knowledgeable and eclectic appraisers around the world to participate in this event. They all agreed to donate their time to the cause.

The noted 25-year collector and appraiser from Beverly Hills, Cal., David Streets, will be there, along with Asian, Islamic, and antiquities specialist Cheney Cowles, who has worked with Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses. ...

full story


KTLA: Rare Photo of Marilyn Monroe and JFK Surfaces — Cher Calvin reports


June 3, 2010

Video summary:
A rare photo was unveiled to the public Tuesday, showing Marilyn Monroe with President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy at JFK's 45th birthday celebration.

Watch the video at or view it from here.
Approx. 2½ minutes


Rare photo shows Marilyn Monroe with JFK, RFK

Beverly Hills art appraiser David W. Streets, who reviewed the prints and their history for CNN, called them "the real McCoy."
"This is a very significant piece of American and celebrity history, of fine art photography," Streets said.

By Alan Duke, CNN
June 2, 2010 1:15 a.m. EDT

[Exerpt] Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Marilyn Monroe's sultry rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung for President John F. Kennedy's 45th birthday celebration marked the actress' last major public appearance before her mysterious death in August 1962.

Tuesday, which would have been Monroe's 84th birthday, marked the public debut of a rare image of Monroe with Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy together after the May 19, 1962, party.

The black-and-white photo, taken by White House photographer Cecil Stoughton, showed Monroe still wearing the infamously tight-fighting, sheer rhinestone-studded dress she wore when singing earlier at Madison Square Garden.

President Kennedy appears to be turning away from the camera, something he rarely did, while his brother, the U.S. attorney general, looks toward them.

"There is no other known photo of Bobby [Kennedy] with Marilyn or JFK with Marilyn, and it's not because they were never photographed together," said filmmaker Keya Morgan, who now owns the only original prints of it. "In fact, they were photographed together many times, but the Secret Service and the FBI confiscated every single photograph."



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Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad and WEHO Mayor John Heilman Present Proclamation to David Streets

May 17, 8:58 p.m. Hollywood Events Examiner by Esteban Escobar

[Exerpt] Hurricane Katrina was a disaster in New Orleans in 2005 and caused people to move to other parts of the USA. This was the case with David Streets who decided to start a new life. He moved to Los Angeles County, specifically the City of Beverly Hills; where he opened his Painting Fine Arst in 2009.

On May 15, 2010 David W. Streets celebrated with government officials, friends, clients and entertainment celebrities the first anniversary of opening his location in Beverly Hills. The event was held from approximately 5:30 pm to 6:30pm.

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, The Honorable Jimmy Delshad, Mayor of Beverly Hills presented a proclamation and proclaimed May 15, 2010: as "David W. Streets Day" in Beverly Hills, CA. Also, The Honorable John Heilman, Mayor of West Hollywood, presented a Proclamation from the City of West Hollywood to David W. Streets.

"On a classy evening, David W. Streets, once again, gathered his one-of-a-kind clientele and friends to celebrate 25 years in Fine Arts and Celebrity Memorabilia and one year since he assembled 35 of the finest living artists from around the world under one roof in Beverly Hills. The fine art selection lingered in the eyes of the admirers while David made everybody feel welcome and valued. The atmosphere was incandescent, and I could not have spent my night in any other way than with David and his sophisticated invitees." said Aura Imbarus, author of "Out of the Transylvania Night."


25 Years of Fine Art Thanks to David Streets

David W. Streets celebrates 25 years of making the world of art more fine and the fist anniversary of the opening of his new gallery on May 15, 2010.

By Amy Sommer | May 18, 2010

[Exerpt & Link] May 15, 2010 was David W. Streets Day!

Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad proclaimed May 15, 2010 "David W. Streets Day" in Beverly Hills and presented a proclamation from the City and City Council. [more info]

The Honorable John Heilman, presented a proclamation from the City of W. Hollywood for Streets' contributions to the arts, the community and for his work for the new LIBRARYPARK project.



Bryan Batt's Memoir About his Batty Mother

MAD MEN's Bryan Batt's memoir is celebrated in fine, artistic style at David Streets' Beverly Hills Gallery on May 14, 2010.

By Amy Sommer | May 18, 2010

Beverly Hills Celebrity Art Appraiser and Dealer, David W. Streets hosted a star -studded book signing on for Batt's new book, "She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother", in which he pays tribute to his eccentric, loving Mother... a long time friend of Streets.

Hollywood turned ot to support Batt and Streets including much of the cast of MAD MEN,Choreographer Tony Charmoli, Nancy Moonves, and Diane Lander-Simon, and Barbara Lazaroff.

Author Bryan Batt, Gallery Owner David Streets and Designer Barbara Lazaroff


Marci's Hollywood Hotline By Marci Weiner

Art of the Dead

You will never guess the hot new venue for Hollywood Soirees – Hollywood Forever Cemetery! During the last year, we have been invited to movie premieres (particularly horror films), private screenings, and even the dedication of a pre-death memorial for two of our pals at this august location.

So it was entirely expected that "The Art of Death" Masterpieces from the Italian Masters, were exhibited in this celeb cemetery. After all, among the stars in residence are Cecil B. DeMille, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Tyrone Power and Rudolph Valentino.

Actually the invitation we received in the mail was a huge marble tombstone, which sure beats an e-invite announcement. Los Angeles' new art maven David W. Streets, hosted this private exhibit which featured exclusive Artisan caskets and urns from Milan, and exceptional masterpieces from around the world.

Some of the celeb guests enjoying the fine art and music included Barbara Lazaroff (co-owner of Spago) who got into the spirit of things by dressing like one, and Bernardo Puccio & Orin Kennedy, who are celebrating their first year of marriage, and are soon to release their documentary, "An Ordinary Couple."

Streets, who has already gained an enviable reputation as an international art appraiser, also opened his new gallery In Beverly Hills, featuring works by 25 LIVING Masters from around the globe, including major photographer, Jesse Kallisher, whose portraits of President Obama are the only official Presidential portraits in the Smithsonian.


By Anita Talbert on June 17th, 2009

[Exerpt & Link] "It was an evening of spectacular fine art, celebrities and society collectors, hosted by art connoisseur/consultant David Streets."


News - Entertainment News
Thursday, July 16, 2009

[Quick mention] Odyssey Ball – John Wayne Cancer Auxiliary

Others enjoying the sumptuous buffet and fine wines included TV personality Shadoe Stevens, Spago co-owner, Barbara Lazaroff, David Streets, Celebrity Art Consultant....


Hollywood Beat, July 30, 2009

Art of the Dead

 [Excerpt] Los Angeles’ new art maven David W. Streets, hosted this private exhibit which featured exclusive Artisan caskets and urns from Milan, and exceptional masterpieces from around the world.

Some of the celeb guests enjoying the fine art and music included Barbara Lazaroff (co-owner of Spago) who got into the spirit of things by dressing like one, and Bernardo Puccio & Orin Kennedy, who are celebrating their first year of marriage, and are soon to release their documentary, “An Ordinary Couple.”


David W. Streets Opening Gala
Published 7/07/2009


From the 'Streets': New Orleans to LA
Sunday, July 5th, 2009


Takin' Art to the Streets of Beverly Hills
Art dealer and appraiser David W. Streets is set to open his own gallery in Beverly Hills next month.
By Amy Sommer
May 29, 2009


Finding Art In All The Right Spots: David W. Streets
Amanda Peabody
Published 04/02/2009

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 15, 2009 – Beverly Hills Fine Art Advisor David W. Streets was honored by the City of Beverly Hills with a presentation attended by more than 250 people. The Honorable Councilwoman Nancy Krasne presented Streets a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mayor, City Council and City of Bevelry Hills for " His outstanding business successes and contribtions to the City of Beverly Hills".


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